Worldwide shipping is carried out by airmail, with rare exceptions in some occupied states and war territories.

Free shipping on orders over $100.

Each shipment is assigned an individual tracking number

Estimated shipping cost

Weight in gramsOrder exampleShipping cost in USD
0-250 g1 Lenormand deck, or 1 tablecloth, or some bags$5
250-500 g1 Tarot deck, or 2 Lenormand decks, or a deck with bag or tablecloth$10
500-1000 g3-4 decks, or a deck with a box$15
1000-2000 gComplex order$20

Estimated shipping time

Сontinent or regionShipping time in days
Europe10-20 days
USA, Canada, Asia15-30 days
Australia, Oceania, Africa, South America30-40 days