Who we are?

Pentagram Publishing (est. 2021) is a small publishing house that deals in tarot cards and oracles.

Our tarot cards, whether already published or just being prepared for issue, have images both in a traditional, classic form, and in a modern design developed by our artists.

A long time ago, occult scientists A. E. Waite, A. Crowley and M. Lenormand laid the tradition of the tarot imagery and interpretation.

Today, in the era of Aquarius, it is time for this tradition to be revived and continued.

Our company has long been selling tarot cards issued by publishing houses from many countries in the world. This allowed us to communicate closely with specialists in the occult sciences and, thus, to gain much experience in this area.

We noticed that a beginner who wants to learn how to read the tarot from different traditions sometimes finds it difficult to get an easy and comprehensible deck. Similarly, expert interpreters and collectors lack modern, avant-garde, designer decks.

Pentagram Publishing sees its mission in helping both to get what they want.

And some of practical info:

  • we published 22 decks (as of January 2024)
  • 15 decks were funded on Kickstarter
  • all of our decks are printed in high quality: 2 parts hard boxes, 350 GSM stock, UV-coating, printed guidebooks
  • there are a lot of reviews on Youtube in English and some other languages
  • all of our decks are in stock and can be shipped quickly