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City Labyrinth Tarot

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City Labyrinth Tarot
City Labyrinth Tarot


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The City Labyrinth Tarot deck is about life in New York in the early 2000s. The phones, computers, and cars that the characters use are typical of the time and already seem outdated. In addition, some Arcana contain direct references to the millennium. Thus, the heroine of The High Priestess resembles the Oracle from the film ‘The Matrix,’ and the card The Tower depicts a tragic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers.

The deck characters are also very different − a homeless man by a fire, a punk with a bottle of beer, a mother with children, a bank employee, a builder, an artist, an architect, a policeman, and others. The various people inhabit the city − rich and poor, happy and unhappy, workaholics and slackers. 

City streets, cafes, skyscrapers, and courtyards hide many secrets. Look for symbols in graffiti on walls, shop windows, and asphalt− the city labyrinths have a lot of interesting things!

Hard 2 parts box, printed guidebook.

Creators Dmytro Ryzhak
Year of publishing 2024
Cards 78+2
Card Language English
Card Size 2.64 x 4.65 in. / 67x118 mm.
Suits Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.
Court Cards Page, Knight, Queen, King.
Border: borderless
ISBN: 978-*****

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