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Granny's Postcards Tarot

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Granny's Postcards Tarot
Granny's Postcards Tarot


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Granny's Postcards Tarot by Mykola Taradaiko features 78 real postcards of the previous century. I looked through and studied an extensive collection of almost 30,000 postcards to finally choose 78 stories for this deck. All postcards present the real images printed in the USA, Europe or the USSR. Some of them are more than a hundred years old! When first Granny's Postcards Lenormand was created, people got so much delighted that the deck became the publishing house bestseller. A lot of the deck fans have asked for a sequel, so it has got a happy chance to be published once more. When working with this deck, you do not need to count apples, plates or kittens on the cards! The plots and settings of the pictures, as well as their meaning, correspond to those of the classic Tarot. Thus, Queen of Pentacles presents a caring mother, Five of Wands is about struggle with an equal rival, and Seven of Swords indicates an uncovered deceit.

Hard 2 parts box, printed guidebook.

Creators Mykola Taradaiko
Year of publishing 2022
Cards 80 (78 + 2 empty)
Card Language English
Card Size 2.64 x 4.65 in. / 67x118 mm.
Suits Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.
Court Cards Page, Knight, Queen, King.
Border: borderless
ISBN: 978-6179511875

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