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Reverse Scale Tarot

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Reverse Scale Tarot
Reverse Scale Tarot


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Our new Reverse Scale Tarot deck generally follows the symbolic meaning of Waite’s Tarot. What makes the Reverse Scale Tarot deck different from the traditional one is a special ratio of the human figures size and that of the objects.Thus; people appear much smaller than the suit symbols, plants, animals and other supporting creatures. The new deck, painted in watercolor, is also created by Michel Tarnopovich , who offered a more serious and profound idea underlying the images. A human comes weaker and more humble against the whole world, where fate and circumstances often turn out to be stronger than him. Four suits are known to indicate four elements − earth, water, air and fire. To make working with deck more convenient, each suit differs in its symbolic color, which, in turn, corresponds to one of the elements.  Thus, Wands represent the element of fire, their color is orange. Pentacles represent the element of the earth, their color is green. Swords represent the element of air, their color is lilac. Cups represent the element of water, their color is blue.

Hard 2 parts box, printed guidebook.

Creators Mishel Tarnopovich
Year of publishing 2022
Cards 80 (78 + 2 empty)
Card Language English
Card Size 2.64 x 4.65 in. / 67x118 mm.
Suits Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.
Court Cards Page, Knight, Queen, King.
Border: borderless
ISBN: 978-61795118-6-8

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