2022 Published Decks

2022 Published Decks

Pentagram Publishing released 6 new decks in 2022. All of them were funded on Kickstarter.

Reverse Scale Tarot by Mishel Tarnopovich was the first deck in 2022. This is Waite-based deck where people are small and everything else is very large. All images were drawn in watercolors.

Reverse Scale Tarot

The next deck was Granny's Postcards Tarot by Mykola Taradaiko. It was a sequel to Granny's Postcards Lenormand published in 2021. The deck is assembled from real vintage postcards. All postcards present the real images printed in the USA, Europe or the USSR. Some of them are more than a hundred years old!

Granny's Postcards Tarot

Bloody Tears Tarot by Dmytro Ryzhak was the next. Dark and mysterious deck about Count Dracula drawn with 3 ball pens only - red, blue and black.

Bloody Tears Tarot

Glory to Ukraine Tarot by Feldman sisters was published in summer. The deck was created in Kyiv bomb shelters in March 2022, just during the shelling by Russian troops. It shows us Ukraine through the eyes of the artists, it touches upon the long history, culture and traditions of the Ukrainian people, it shows famous places, and of course, talks about the present, about the events and participants in the war of independence.

Glory to Ukraine Tarot

La Commedia a Soggetto Tarot by Jester was published in autumn. 78 cards Tarot deck about Italian Theatre commedia dell’arte was drawn in watercolors.

 La commedia a soggetta tarot

Lovely Lenormand Oracle by Mishel Tarnopovich was the last deck in 2022.

Lovely Lenormand




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