2023 Published Decks

2023 Published Decks

Pentagram Publishing released 6 new decks in 2023. All of them were funded on Kickstarter.

Fantasy Garden Tarot by Dmytro Ryzhak was the first. Bright deck drawn with ball pens! 

All pictures are made with ballpoint pens in eight colors. With the help of such a seemingly limited set of colors, the author managed to create a world of multiple different shades.

Most of the plots are basically the same as those of A.E. Waite’s deck, but some of them are treated in the author’s own, very original way. For example, the Hierophant is depicted as a dragon, and the Hanged Man is in a diving suit. The suits are the same as in the classic tarot − these are Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles. In this case, the wands are presented in the form of columns.

Fantasy Garden Tarot

Feldman Sisters Tarot was the next. 

Feldman sisters have been painting murals and graffiti on the walls of Kyiv buildings for many years, and now they decided to try their hand at a new genre – card deck design. The experiment is certainly unusual; however, the result is a rather interesting Tarot deck. 

The limited color scheme, surreal imagery, and graffiti-style signatures make the deck original and distinctive.

Feldman Sisters Tarot

Weird World Tarot by Mykola Taradaiko and Bohdan Herasymenko has become our bestseller! This is a bright deck in fantasy art style.

A companion deck Weird World Lenormand in the same style was published together.

Chervono-Chorne Tarot by Sola Skorso is a modern version of the classic A.E. Waite deck represented in only two colors − red and black. The imagery is very close to the classical tarot cards, but the entourage references Ancient Greece. The personages wear tunics and laurel wreaths, and mane cards feature elements of ancient architecture.

The last in 2023 deck was Tarot des Os (Tarot of the Bones) by Jester. 

 In creating this deck, the author has surpassed himself by depicting ironically the very Life and Death.

Usually, decks with skulls and bones are dark, gothic, but Jester created a bright and cheerful one!

The Major Arcana are radically different from the Minor Arcana. Characters and attributes are depicted on a white background in a minimalist and abstract manner. 

We also plan to publish 6 decks in 2024.

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