2024-2025 Future Decks

2024-2025 Future Decks

We're going to publish some of new decks in 2024 and 2025. Here's a small announcement.

The City Labyrinth Tarot by Dmytro Ryzhak is about life in New York in the early 2000s. The phones, computers, and cars that the characters use are typical of the time and already seem outdated. In addition, some Arcana contain direct references to the millennium. Thus, the heroine of The High Priestess resembles the Oracle from the film ‘The Matrix,’ and the card The Tower depicts a tragic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Available now! 

Sunflower Field Tarot (and also Sunflower Field Lenormand) is a sequel to the Weird World Tarot by M.Taradaiko and B.Herasymenko. The sunflower has become the central element of our fantasy world. Just imagine the Weird World overgrown with sunflowers!

Light Hentai Tarot by Mishel Tarnopovich is drawn in watercolors. It will be something between hard anime and light hentai:) Some juicy details are censored!

The Burton's Wonderland Tarot by Haly De is inspired by T.Burton's movies.

Hutsul Tarot by Sola Skorso is drawn in watercolors in ethnic style. It will be a modern deck whose characters are Hutsuls, a people living in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains.

Hutsul Tarot

Hutsul Tarot

And some decks planned to be published in 2025.

The Uncanny World Tarot by M.Taradaiko and B.Herasymenko will continue the Weird World series:

Uncanny Weird World Tarot

Uncanny World Tarot 2025

And we will continue series of pen-drawn decks by Dmytro Ryzhak. Rediscovered Classic Tarot will show us classical Waite's heroes with new landscapes.

Rediscovered Classic Tarot



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